Conditions of Rent

Your mobile home/emplacement booking will be confirmed by us upon receipt of the fully completed and signed rental agreement (Contract) accompanied with the correct full deposit. It is advised to contact us to check the availability before completing the contract however any provisional dates previously agreed will only be confirmed on receipt of the contract along with the correct deposit and may be let to others in the meantime.

Payment of the Balance: the balance of the stay is to be settled 4 weeks before the beginning of the stay. Failure to pay the balance before this time your rental will be automatically cancelled and the deposit retained by the campsite.

NOTE: These balances are for the items declared on the contract. It will not include any additional items or supplements that may be taken up during your stay with us, e.g. additional vehicles, additional guests, animals, Wi-Fi, taxes…etc. These will be part of the final settlement at the end of the stay.

Cancellation: your contract offers you optional cancellation insurance. This allows you to obtain a refund in case of cancellation. If the insurance is not taken up a refund is not possible (Specifically excluded are: changes to your booked dates, late arrival or early departure, non-payment of the balance at the appropriate time.)

  • 100% refund up to 4 weeks of the date of arrival (minus insurance premium)
  • 50% refund between 4 and 3 weeks of the date of arrival (minus insurance premium)
  • 25% refund between 3 and 2 weeks of the date of arrival (minus insurance premium)
  • 0% refund less than 2 weeks of the date of arrival


Prices include:

  • Hire of the mobile home or pitch as selected on the contract and described in the website.
  • Water
  • Gas and electricity (mobile home only)
  • Use of site facilities, washing/toilet areas as shown on the website
  • Use of the swimming pools, tennis court, mini-golf, boules court.
  • Parking space for one vehicle per rental.

Prices do not include:

  • Holiday tax (Taxe de Sejour)
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Expenses such as extra people/visitors, additional vehicles, pets, chargeable activities offered by the campsite, games machines.
  • Transport costs and living expenses.
  • Sheets and pillowcases and extra blankets. An inventory of equipment and state of repair must be signed immediately after the client’s initial inspection of the mobile home.

Any queries or problems must be reported to the proprietors or their representatives as soon as possible after arrival on site. After this delay, you will be held responsible in case of damages or missing items at the time of your departure.

Caution deposits (Mobile homes only)

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the client to bring any problems to the immediate attention of the proprietors or their representatives. All complaints regarding the inventory, the condition, and/or the tidiness of your mobile home should be reported the day of your arrival.

In case of late or delayed arrival, we ask you to advise us immediately. If you do not, we will have the right to re-rent within 24 hours after the date of your supposed arrival. In this case or in the event of non-arrival the client will be charged for the full reserved period as per the dates in the contract.

  • A damage deposit of 450€ is payable on arrival. This will be returned to you after you leave, unless there are damages or items missing from the inventory. Missing items or damages and deterioration will be charged to the client at replacement cost.
  • A cleaning deposit of 50€ is payable on arrival to cover end of stay cleaning costs, if necessary. The rental home must be perfectly clean and smoke free when you leave. The 50€ cleaning deposit will be forfeited if we decide that cleaning is necessary or if there is a smell of smoke in the mobile home.
  • NOTE: Single or separate cheques or cash for the above amounts or credit card details can be accepted for the deposits.

Return of Caution deposits These deposits will either be returned to you when you leave if we have had opportunity to adequately check the mobile home and inventory, or after you leave if you provide us with a stamped addressed envelope, or in the case of cheques they can be destroyed. However, the campsite will charge any unpaid amounts, damage or cleaning etc to the caution amounts, which in this case will be either banked in full or the credit card debited. The balance will be returned within 2 weeks from the date of the end of the stay. The decision of the campsite will be final. Please note that inspections can only be carried out when all personal possessions have been removed from the mobile home and the floor is dry to walk on. Please note that during high season it may be difficult to carry out immediate inspections due the high demand at peak times.

Every camper must conform to the internal rules of the campsite stated below.

General Terms
  • Entrance terms – Nobody is to enter, settle or stay on the campsite without the authorisation of the proprietors or their representatives. Staying on the campsite confirms that you are willing to accept and fulfil the obligations of these Conditions of Rent as signed below.
  • Police formalities – Any person who is to stay at least one night on the campsite may be asked to produce their identity papers to the proprietors or their representatives and carry out any police formalities where necessary. Young persons under 18 years without their parents will only be accepted upon presentation of written parent’s authorization.
  • Settling – Tents, caravans and/or any other equipment relating must be placed within the pitch indicated by the camp proprietors or their representatives.
  • Campsite reception will provide all useful information concerning camp-facilities, possibilities of fresh supplies, sport facilities, interesting sights and useful addresses. A complaints form dedicated to receive the complaints is at campers’ disposal. Complaints will only be taken into consideration if they are signed, dated, written as much as possible in distinct terms and concern recent events.
  • Taxes – Taxes will be paid to the campsite reception. The amount depends on the number of persons and nights spent on site. Campers will have to inform the office the day before they are leaving. If campers want to leave the campsite before the opening of reception (08h00), they will have to pay taxes the day before. Those hiring mobile homes have their holiday tax included.
  • Noise and Silence – Campers are required to avoid any noise and talking which may disturb their neighbours, and to turn down all music etc. after 22h00 hours. Please close your car doors and boots quietly. Complete silence between 22h30 and 07h30 hours is required in and around each pitch and mobile home.
  • The terrace will be open until 23h00 hours each evening. The bar will remain open after this time until the last client leaves at the discretion of the proprietors or their representatives each evening. Up to two evenings each week during the high season the terrace will remain open until 24h00 for evening entertainment.
  • Visitors – After being authorized by the proprietors or their representatives, visitors will be allowed to enter the campsite under the campers’ responsibility. Visitor’s cars are not allowed on the campsite, but must be left in the car park at the entrance to the campsite or they will be charged the vehicle supplement. Visitors are not allowed access to the pool.
  • Traffic and parking – Inside the campsite speed is limited at 10 km/h and no traffic between 22h30 – 07h30 hours is allowed. Only campers staying on the campsite can drive inside the campsite. Please note that any early or late arrival/departure can only be made by parking the car in the front car park as the campsite road will be locked. In an emergency only, the chains can be opened by contacting owners directly in their mobile home.
  • Keeping the campsite clean and tidy – Everybody will respect the cleanliness and the hygiene of the campsite. Don’t throw dirty water on the ground or into the gutters. Caravan owners must throw away their sewage in the shower block. Household refuse, scraps of any kind and papers must be put into bins provided. Everybody will avoid any action which could prejudice the campsite cleanliness, hygiene and character as well as its services and sanitary fittings. Washing clothes or dishes outside the appropriate sinks is strictly forbidden. If necessary small amounts of drying can be done around the pitch/mobile home, but must not bother the neighbours or look unsightly. Do take care of trees, plants and flowers. Under no circumstances are the vineyards around the campsite to be interfered with. Campers are not allowed to hammer in nails into trees, to cut branches or to plant any items. Do not mark off pitches by yourself, and do not dig into the ground. Any damage made to plants, fences, campsite or fittings will be paid by the offender. The pitch used during the stay will be kept in the state the camper found it when he arrived. Dogs and other animals are only allowed if they are kept on a lead. They cannot be left alone on the campsite, even if locked in. All mess made by pets must be cleaned by the owners of the pets or a charge will be made.
Swimming Pool Regulations
  • Hygiene: Hygiene in the swimming pool is of paramount importance. In order to maintain this; no food, ice creams or drinks other than water in a plastic container can be taken into the pool enclosure. Smoking and the chewing of gum is also prohibited. Tables and Chairs are provided outside the enclosure for this. Glass in the pool enclosure is, of course, totally forbidden under all circumstances.
  • Infections: It is prohibited to enter the pool enclosure with any lesions or infections as this could contaminate the water.
  • Swimming Attire: Only swimming costumes specifically for swimming can be allowed in the water. All clothes or clothing worn around the campsite are prohibited in the water. This also includes all long shorts, shorts with pockets and especially Bermuda style shorts. Specific swimming shorts – less than 30 centimetres in length, without pockets are the only style of shorts permitted. Tight or close fitting swimming trunks are preferred. (“Speedos”)
  • Safety: Please observe all the rules regarding running, diving, and ball games posted at the entrance to the pool. Some soft ball games and inflatable’s can be used occasionally in the water only when the pool is not busy and providing it does not cause disturbance to others in the enclosure or in the pool. This is at the discretion of the proprietors. Football is prohibited at all times. Please take care with the parasols as they can blow over in the wind and injure others. To this effect ensure they are lowered in windy conditions and taken back to the entrance to the enclosure on leaving.
  • Water is a precious commodity and must not be wasted. Please ensure that children who play in the small stream between the two pools do not block the water and flood the surrounding terrace. Also excessive splashing that causes flooding of the surrounding terrace is prohibited. The children’s pools are primarily for those under the age of 8 years; though the proprietors will use their discretion.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in eviction from the pool area.

  • Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the mobile homes or in the bar. Ash trays are provided for smoking only on the mobile home terrace and on the main terrace outside the bar. Please respect other campers who do not wish to smoke. Do not throw cigarette ends onto the floor around the campsite. This is a fire hazard. Please use the ash trays provided.
  • Security – Fire. Open fires (wood, charcoal, etc.) are prohibited during July and August and at other times at the proprietors or their representative’s discretion. Stoves must be kept in good state of repair and mustn’t be used in hazardous conditions. In case of fire, inform the campsite manager immediately. Fire extinguishers are at everybody’s disposal. A first-aid kit is available from reception in the bar.
  • Security – Theft. Proprietors or their representatives do not take responsibility for clients and visitors private possessions. Campers remain responsible for their own possessions and have to let the proprietors or their representatives know of any suspected problems.
  • Games – No violent or boisterous games that disturb others are allowed in the pool enclosure or around the pitches or close to the campsite facilities. Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Lost or damaged equipment will be charged at replacement cost.
  • Unoccupied tents and caravans – These can be left on the campsite only after proprietors or their representative’s approval, and on the pitch notified.
  • Information – These Conditions of Rent constitute part of the contract of camping on this site; and are posted on the campsite notice board. They can be sent to any customer on request or viewed via the campsite web pages.
  • Infringement to these Conditions of Rent – When a camper disturbs the stay of the other campers or does not respect these Conditions of Rent, the proprietors or their representatives will give formal notice either orally or if necessary in writing, to stop the problems. In case of serious or repeated infringement to these terms and conditions and after formal notice made by the proprietors or their representatives, they then have the right to cancel the contract and evict the camper from the site. In this case there can be no refund made. In the case of penal infringement, the manager will call the Police.