Our Family

Steve & Audrey ( & Big Ben!)

In Steve’s previous occupation, he worked as a Quality and IT Manager, specialising in electronics. He was with the same company for over 25 years and felt the need for a change of direction and a new challenge. Audrey was a nurse for 33 years, and had enjoyed her job very much, however, she was also ready for a challenge of a different nature, feeling that if we didn’t make the break for a new life now; maybe we never would, and perhaps would forever regret that decision.

Therefore we both decided that after such a long period of time in the same jobs that we would fulfil our long standing ambition of owning and running a campsite. This was always our dream and we tried for many years to achieve that particular goal. Eventually we managed to locate this campsite “Le Ch’ti Franoi” and are now proud to live and work here in the Ardèche.

We are very happy with our new life and totally different lifestyle in this very beautiful setting. Whilst things haven’t been plain sailing we have so far overcome all obstacles, and look forward to meeting new people as each season begins.

We continue to make improvements to the campsite to enable us to make your stay with us more memorable, and we are looking forward to a successful and prosperous 2018.

When we bought the campsite mid 2006, our younger daughter Rachael and her husband Ross spent 3 seasons working alongside us, and 2008 saw them become parents to Bailey who was born in March that year. They now live back in UK and come out for holidays, and to help out with tasks as and when. May 2009 saw the birth of Arabella to Rachael and Ross and Bailey.  Tobias was born into that family in June 2012.


Kacey Matilda “Little Blossom”

Our elder daughter Stephanie and her husband Martin became parents in 2008 to Imogen who was born in October. They too come for holidays each year, and help out where they can to continue to make this a family-run campsite. Their second daughter Teigan was born in January 2011 and Kacey Matilda was born in March 2016, and was introduced first to our clients who holidayed with us during July, August and September 2016.

Martin & Stephanie

Rachael & Ross

Imogen & Teigan

Bailey, Tobias & Arabella

All together

Audrey’s little brother Alan

We had some lovely students from several different countries working alongside us during 2016/7, and who we keep in contact with.  We are hoping for another group to join us again for season 2018, and look forward to meeting and working with them as part of our extended family.  In the past they have been very able and willing to practice their French language skills. This is met with appreciation by our French speaking clientele.

The Original Families of Mr & Mrs Cutting (Mum & Dad) and Mr & Mrs Woodage (Son in Law & Daughter) came together – hence the company name “SARL WoodCutting” to form a family determined to make the campsite a success and for all to enjoy its many pleasures and facilities.

Of course, being English we will have no problems with English enquiries via the telephone. However whilst we are learning French and are getting better by the day, the telephone is much harder to master and is made worse by Audrey having a hearing problem.  In all cases we ask you to be patient with us and speak slowly and clearly. Better still, and this is our preferred method of contact, please send us an e-mail as this is much easier for us to deal with.