Campsite shop:

We have a small campsite shop which sells a small number of items. The shop takes orders for bread during May, June, July, and August which is delivered the next morning by a local baker. There is a sheet of bread items from which to choose, and this is available on the shop counter from 08h00 each morning until 19h00 each evening. The list is then telephoned to the baker. Orders placed after this time will not be implemented. Fortunately we have several large supermarkets within a few minutes drive where a full range of shopping can be purchased.

 Pictures around the campsite

Shower block:

Our sanitary block is cleaned daily at 11h00, and inspected regularly. It consists of four toilets and two urinals. The personal washing areas have both male and female sections each with two showers (warm water) and two private washing cubicles with hot and cold water. There are also 3 additional sinks in each male and female communal area. At one end of the block there is a domestic washing area which contains four washing up basins and four laundry basins. Hot water is available here too. Attached to the sanitary bloc we have a room with a washing machine equipped with an iron and iron board for your convenience. There is a disabled room comprising a raised toilet, a shower and a wash basin. Also in that room is a chair. The room is accessible via a padlock, the number for which is via reception.


Caravan storage:

We can offer you caravan storage should you not wish to take your caravan all the way back along the motorway. You of course would not be obliged to stay with us upon your return, though we would be disappointed if you did not stay for some of the time with us. Never the less we would always ensure that your caravan was ready to be hitched to the car or we would take the caravan to the pitch before your arrival and lower the legs to make your start to the holiday as easy as we can make it!